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Ivermectin and COVID-19

Our world is still reeling from the effects of the Coronavirus. To date, there have been over 700,000 deaths in the United States alone. Some consumers are turning to drugs not approved or authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for protection against COVID. Instead of taking the FDA-approved COVID vaccines by Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson, there is a growing interest in people self-medicating with non-approved drugs like ivermectin.  

Ivermectin has been around for many years. In specific doses, the drug can treat parasites like roundworms, head lice, and skin conditions like Rosacea. Ivermectin can also treat heartworms and external parasites in animals like horses and cows.

However, neither the FDA nor the World Health Organization recommends ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 for humans. Improper dosage of ivermectin can cause interactions with other medications, like blood thinners. Overdose can cause hypotension (low blood pressure), allergic reactions (itching and hives), dizziness, ataxia (problems with balance), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, coma, and death. 

The FDA warns that drugs used for animals are often highly concentrated because they weigh a lot more than we do—at times, a ton or more. Such high doses can be highly toxic in humans. Note that the FDA reviews drug safety for both active and inactive ingredients. While some ingredients in prescriptions for animals are inactive, they are not always tested for human consumption. 

Stay safe. Continue to follow approved guidelines and do your research. Your life matters to those you love and impact others you are around.