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FSU Law Hangs Smith-Gordon’s Portrait on Rotunda’s Wall of Distinction

Salesia Smith-Gordon, Esq. was adorned with a prestigious honor in recognition of her ongoing service to Florida State University (FSU), continued mentorship to students, and historic $200,000 gift to the College of Law. On Thursday, October 27, Smith-Gordon’s hand-painted portrait was unveiled in the FSU Law School Rotunda. Smith-Gordon’s portrait now lives alongside other influential alumni, cementing her powerful tenure and legacy.

“I felt it was of the utmost importance to find a way to ensure that students of color, especially women, had the support and resources they need to fund their education,” Smith-Gordon said.

Because Salesia’s commitment to law and legacy, this portrait will go on to motivate other students that look up to the distinguished alumna.

“Money alone will not get your portrait on the Wall of Distinction. This honor is truly reserved for those that show exemplary leadership skills and deep commitment to supporting and continuing to enhance the lives of FSU students. I can not imagine where I would be without the support and mentorship I received during my time at FSU. It has been one of my career’s highest points to make such a prominent impact at my alma mater,” stated Smith-Gordon, who graduated in 1992.

During her time at FSU, Smith-Gordon, an award winning attorney, co-founded the FSU College of Law’s Black Alumni Network (BAN). Additionally, she served as BAN’s inaugural President from 2021-2022. During her tenure she mentored countless students, supporting them to, and even after, graduation. Salesia also made time to engage law school students through the FSU Black Law Student Association (BLSA). She also assisted in the recruitment and hiring of Black faculty & staff to support the importance of diversity and inclusion in academics. Earlier this year, Salesia received the Alumni Service Award for her contributions.

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