Beware of Fraudulent Medication

Fraudulent or counterfeit medication is very prevalent in our country. It can be challenging to spot a fake because the packaging can look very similar to the real thing. Fraudulent drugs are unsafe because they can be made with the wrong dose, include harmful toxins, or expired. Medical devices, vaccines, and even bug spray can also be fake.

The CDC, FDA, and pharmaceutical manufacturers offer some guidelines on avoiding exposing yourself to counterfeit medication. The FDA has a “closed” distribution list of medicines sold in the United States to diminish the sale of illicit or fake drugs. By purchasing from FDA-approved pharmacies in the United States, patients can minimize the risk of purchasing fraudulent medication. If traveling, make sure to bring your medicine in its original packaging. If you must buy medicine while you travel, the CDC says to only purchase from a licensed pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to check the ingredients to make sure they are the same.

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